Data-driven design is about digitalization and automation of design research. This approach opens unforeseen opportunities for experience, service, and UX design. In future, it will increasingly involve automated decision making and generative design – combining agentive and assistive design.

Data-Driven Design Day is an annual forum to share insights and experience about emerging ways to use data in all fields of design and design leadership organized in Helsinki, Finland.

The curated, invitational one-day program consists of selected topics that bring together leading experts of the domain. The event is organized on a non-profit ideology, with a nominal entrance fee to commit attendees and cover organizing costs.

2019 Event: Augmented creativity

This year the event is bigger and better than ever! It explores the connection of AI and creativity, as well as other aspects of using data.

Read my summary of the day’s talks: https://medium.com/@lassial/data-driven-design-day-2019-will-robots-steal-your-design-job-fd0366ecb9a1

The collection of videos from DDDD2019 is now available here:

On 12th of Sep 2019: Watch the live stream here:


Past events

2018 the event remained as part of Helsinki Design Week official program and took place at Clarion Hotel in front approximately 300 people.

2017 event was organized as a part of Helsinki Design Week official program on Tuesday afternoon 12th September in Valkoinen sali.

2016 event was organized with Futurice:

2015 event was organized with SC5

Photos by MariMur: https://mur.galleria.fi/kuvat/Events/DataDrivenDesignDay/

Recordings from the past events

2018 playlist of 10 talks in the order of appearance:


2017 playlist of 6 talks in the order of appearance:








Presentation slides from Yury Vetrov – DDDD2017 keynote From solution validation to problem finding

Presentation from Antti Oulasvirta (not video recorded: https://www.slideshare.net/oulasvir/user-interfaces-that-design-themselves-talk-given-at-datadriven-design-day-in-2017-helsinki-antti-oulasvirta-aalto-university

2016 Data-driven design day, playlist of 7 talks in the order of appearance





2015 Data-driven design day, playlist of 7 talks in the order of appearance



2018 event 13.9.2018 at Clarion

Live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nll1K1YHdQ


9:00 Lassi A Liikkanen Helsinki Design Week Welcome to DDDD
9:10 Tom Nickels Avaus Future proof marketing
9:40 Ilari Pohjola & Elina Martikainen Aurinkomatkat Back to the top with top digital customer experience
10:10 Apaar Tuli &  Brylie Oxley MaaS Global Designing the Future of Urban Mobility
10:40 Jan Hiekkaranta Fourkind Pull down that dashboard!
10:55 Networking coffee (30 min)
11:25 Jay Kaufman & Vilma Sirainen Zalando (DE & FI) Bringing data to life: Principles and processes
12:05 Matias Pietilä Qvik TallinkSilja
12:30 Lunch (1h 10 min)
13:40 Jarno Koponen YLE AI for news media
14:10 Jonna Rantanen & Esko Kurvinen Elisa Seamless experiences in a multi-channel world
14:40 Josef Ockay Sygic (SK) A/B testing approach at Sygic

Data-Driven Design Day 2018 introduction from Lassi A. Liikkanen: https://www.slideshare.net/LassiALiikkanen/datadriven-design-day-2018-introduction
Feedback form: https://goo.gl/Ma1HT8

News from 14/Jun/2018:
Data-Driven Design Day 2018 was just announced! The event is a solid part of the Helsinki Design Week program. It will take place on Thu 13th September 2018 at Clarion Hotel, Helsinki. Tickets will go on sale next week. Check out updates from https://www.helsinkidesignweek.com/ – see you next September in Helsinki!

2017 event

My summary of 2017 event, under the title Your Internet Store Knows You Now

See event’s Facebook page and buy your entrance ticket from Tiketti.

Official events were announced on 18th May, the detailed program and event page will appear in June. Ticket sales will also commence in June.  You can find the details on the official event page after it is released.

2017 venue on the map

My writings about the topic

September 2017: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3121355
Magazine article about Data-driven design of professional web services in ACM Interactions

Data-driven service design

Data in product development

Report of DDDD2016

Tools of data-driven web design

See also

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HS: Kuinka radiohit valitaan



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This site maintains the history of Data-Driven Design Day events. Complete and up-to-date information about each event is published separately.

DDDD2015-2017 events are curated and this site maintained by Dr. Lassi A Liikkanen, Twitter: @lassial

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